THE SCHOOL CURRICULUM Federal government College Rubochi, Abuja, runs a broad based and integrated curriculum for junior secondary and senior secondary programmes as specified in the national policy on education. It offers a wide variety of academic subjects taught by dedicated and professional teachers.


The Curriculum for Junior Secondary Education is as follows;

i. English Language

ii. One Nigerian Language

iii. Mathematics

iv. Basic Science and technology

? Basic science

? Basic Technology

? Information Technology

? Physical and Health Education


v. Religion and National Values

? Christian Religious Studies

? Islamic Studies

? Social Studies

? Civic Education

? Security Education


vi. Pre-Vocational Studies

? Home Economics



? Agriculture


vii. French Language

viii. Cultural and Creative Arts

ix. Business Studies

x. Arabic (optional)

SENIOR SECONDARY EDUCATION Our Senior Secondary students follow a balanced programme of core studies. The students focus on one of three streams of studies. i.e Science, Humanities or Business .

In the senior secondary levels, the following courses are available


English language


One Nigerian language

One of Literature in English/ History/ Geography


o Agricultural science

o Physics

o Chemistry

o Further Mathematics

o Technical drawing

o Building Construction

o Electronics

o Applied Electricity

o Computer studies

o Economics

o Government

o History

o Commerce

o Financial Accounting

o Foods & Nutrition

o Home management

o Fine arts

o Textile & Clothing

o Music

o Physical & Health

o French Language

o Christian Religious studies

o Islamic Religious Studies

All SS1 students must choose at least ten (10) subjects from the option groups and maintain same in SS2, one subject can be dropped in SS3

STUDENTS CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT The College strictly adheres to continuous assessment method in evaluating students’ academic proficiency. This is based on class work, (written and oral), practical, projects, regular class test, homework and an end of term examination.

A student’s terminal grade is made up of the two components:

Continuous Assessment scores averaged over 30% (SS) / 40 %( JS)

Terminal Examination Scores average over 70% (SS) / 60% (JS)

EXAMINATIONS The school year is divided into three terms. At the end of each term, students write an examination on all their subjects.

A comprehensive report consisting of a student’s cumulative continuous assessment scores including detailed comments by their class teacher and house teacher is sent to every parent.

The passing grade in any examination in Federal Government College, Rubochi, Abuja is 50%. Students who do not meet this minimum 50% standard are placed on academic probation until they do so. A student placed on academic probation consecutively for three terms in a session may be required to repeat the year or withdraw completely from the college.

POLICY ON PROMOTION The policy of the college on promotion as spelt below requires that a student can be promoted from one class to the next only if the following conditions are met:

JS1 to JS3:- A student should obtain a pass mark of 50% and above in Mathematics and English and five (5) other subjects. (A total of seven subjects, including English and Mathematics).

SS1 to SS3:- A student must obtain a pass mark of 50% and above in Mathematics and English and four (4) other subjects. (A total of six subjects including English and Mathematics).

In addition to the above, the average of the total scores of the students should not be below 50%. A student who fails to meet these conditions will be advised to repeat. Any student who repeats a class more than once will be advised to withdraw.

EXTERNAL EXAMINATIONS On special request from parents, arrangement can be made by the college for students who wish to take external examinations like JAMB, London / Cambridge GCE, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), etc. To do this, special tuition for such examination would be required from such interested students.


Your child is very special; you want to know that he/she is happy and well integrated into the life of the school

Parents are expected to attend Open Days once a term, in order to discuss their child’s work and progress.


Each student is provided with a username and a password to enable them access information about the college and about themselves from anywhere in the world our address is: Newly admitted students are to do their e-registration online in the college portal]