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Federal Government College Rubochi, Abuja is a co-educational institution located in Rubochi town; 16 kilometres north east of Abaji town, and 160 kilometres south west of Garki, the Federal capital territory of Nigeria.

The college which was established in 1999 represents excellence in mentoring students and preparing them for higher education and global competitiveness. At present, we have a student population of about one thousand  one hundred students, with well-trained qualified, and dedicated teachers, mentors, psychologists  and counsellors who are committed to the total upbringing, education and grooming of crops of Nigerians’ whiz kids and future leaders.

The college emphasizes the development of the individual as a whole within a disciplined and nurturing environment.

The pioneer principal was late Ahaji Umaru Bala, while the pioneer head boy and head girl were Ahmed Yero Muhammed and Fatima Mohammed respectively.

Roll call of past and present principals of the college are as follows:?

1.    Alhaji U. M. Mala (late) April 2000       —      April 2006
2.    Mrs. M.O. Bello April 2006       —    Sept 2008 
3.    Mrs. R.M. Ige Sept. 2008       —     Nov. 2010
4.    Mrs. G.R. Nath- Utoh (Acting) Nov. 2010       —     March 2011
5.    Mrs. C.L. Kato March 2011       —     Feb. 2012
6.    Hajia. A.S. Ndajiwo Feb. 2012       —     Jan. 2015
7.    Elder E. K. Kalu Jan. 2015       —     date

The present Principal of the College, Elder Kalu Emmanuel Kalu is a seasoned and experienced director of education of repute and a specialist in the education of gifted and talented children. He is ably assisted by a team of experienced educationist and deputy directors, viz: Mr. S. Omada, (Vice principal Administration). Mr. J. Anyikamba, (Vice Principal Special Duties). Mr. E.O. Ogefere, (Vice Principal Academics - Senior) and Mr. J.I.O. Odewunmi, (Vice Principal Academics - Junior).



The number of registered students at the college’s boarding facilities is currently 1,060. The college admits students between 10-13 years old in JS 1 and between 13 -16 years in SS 1.

All students at the college are expected to be boarders. Parents are advised to make sure that their children who hope to enter the boarding school know how to wash their own clothes, sweep, dust their own rooms, and keep the elementary rule of personal hygiene.



I know a lot about my school

FGC Rubochi

FGCR, my Alma Mater

FGCR, Pro Unitate (2x)

In this place, all tribes are found

We learn science and we learn Arts too

We are the best We are so great.

Working together is our key

Where young boys and girls

Seek for knowledge and promote unity

FGCR My Alma Matter

FGCR Pro unitate (2 times)



Give me knowledge, knowledge Oh Lord! (2ce)

Give me knowledge to read and understand

Give me knowledge, knowledge Oh Lord!

Not the knowledge to cause confusion

Not the knowledge to hurt other students

But the knowledge to read and understand

Give me knowledge, knowledge Oh Lord!




We are a chosen generation

Called forth to show His excellence

All I require for life; God has given me

And I know who I am


I know who God says I am; What He says I am

Where He says am at; I know who I am



I’m working in power; I’m working in miracles

I live a life of favour, Cause I know who I am



Oh oh oh, oh oh oh

I know who I am